Save Your Money, Use It On Therapy, Or Give It To Me

I originally planned to write an article on to do lists today, but decided to ramble on, instead.

I come across a lot of sites that offer time management, organization, to do list programs. Most of these programs cost between $30 and $60 a year. Don’t waste your money. These programs are developed by yuppies who are just trying to make a quick buck. If your life is in disarray, you can’t seem to get organized; you are wasting too much time on menial tasks, instead of projects that deserve your time and attention, blowing $60 on a website that offers you professional looking to do list forms is not the answer.

Spend that $60 on a therapy secession that will help you to identify the root of these issues.

Find that long forgotten library card, and head over to your local library. Maybe you are thinking, “Now why would I do that, when the internet is packed full of valuable information?”  Well, because it is not. I am a freelance writer for a few different websites. I spend hours  weekly  performing only online research. I will search a topic out and the search engines will give me 234,123,000 websites that each offer the same exact information, only worded differently. One website may produce an interesting article and every other website quickly copies the same information. Actually finding information on the web that is valuable will probably end up costing you more time, than heading over to the local library.

The FREE library will have a whole entire section dedicated to self help that will likely cover every self help topic under the sun. This is where you are going to locate real knowledge on these subjects that will be greatly beneficial. Most libraries are even online, so you don’t even have to waste time walking around the library picking out books.

  • Do a search and find your library.
  • Browse there card catalog online.
  • Put a hold on the books you are interested in.
  • Go to the library.
  • Walk the three feet to the checkout desk.
  • Pick up your books.
  • DONE!

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