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Cerberus AKA ADHD

In all fairness, life offers up unique challenges to us all. For anyone to claim that they have not had to deal with some form of mental health issues, they are only lying to themselves. Life gives us all battles, victories, and losses. My own personal battle is ADHD and good lord, have I had to fight. I have had my fair share of victories and I’ve also been beat to a bloody pulp on numerous occasions. Maybe it is a “Blessing in disguise” or maybe my ADHD is like Cerberus the three headed monster from Greek mythology who guards the gates of hell, preventing lost souls from escaping. Hell is sometimes located inside my head and ADHD is what prevents me from escaping and getting things accomplished.

There comes a time in everyone’s life, when the decision to face your issues must be made. If these problems are not dealt with they will resurface and destroy. Dreams will be left behind. Relationships will capsize. Self destruction can and will find a person, no matter what type of emotional or mental barriers are erected. The time has come, for me to face my ADHD before life turns the corner leaving me standing bitter and alone. (How’s that for a little drama?)

ADHD is only one of the areas of mental illness that I have had to deal with, but the one that has had the most profound effect on my life. I have also been up against my fair share of anxiety and depression, which I believe is more or less directly related to my ADHD. Some days my mind feels as though it is being torn apart, and I can’t muster up ten minutes to sit down to work on a single project. The anxiety begins to build, depression sets in, and before I know it I am a lifeless mass, glued to my mattress. At one point I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and let’s just say if I could make a career out of self destruction, I would make the top ten list of the richest people in America. (I plan on touching down a little on my self destruction in my next blog entry.)

In all seriousness, none of it has been simple or easy. There were days when the only thing I wanted do was die. I thank god now that I was too chicken shit to actually follow through with killing myself. Honestly, if I hadn’t decided to change the path that I was traveling, I would not have been chicken shit forever.

So, as of today, I write this blog. There are so many things that I hope to achieve with “The Battle for Mental Freedom.” I’m writing this for my own sanity, but with that said, I am also writing this for anyone who has ever questioned their own sanity. There are many directions I would like to take this blog, but right now I’m just planning on rolling with it all.

I gladly would appreciate your comment or questions. If you have a story of your own to tell, please indulge me. Since I did touch down on the topic of ADHD, I would like to offer up a link to ADDitude. This site provides useful advice on a broad range of topics, with their main focus on ADHD. I have personally spent hours searching through ADDitude, finding much inspiration.